Here’s some trip ideas to allow you to enjoy our food along the Waterford Way to the utmost. You will find our incredible traditions in food each and every day.  You can also shake the hand that feeds you and have a good old chat while you're at it.  At our restaurants you will enjoy a special plate of food prepared the Waterford Way from all of our members. If it’s not on the menu,
just ask for the your food, the Waterford Way!

A day in Waterford City

Learn some of the food history of Ireland’s oldest city, home of the Blaa and city of firsts

Food to the Great Houses

Enjoy visiting Waterfords Garden Trail, by adding a visit to the West Waterford Butcher & Baker that still serve those great houses today.

tailored food tours

Waterford City


The oldest city in Ireland, and one of Europe’s most important ports in times past, Waterford still benefits today from the influences and great food & drink traded through its port in times past.
Take some time to explore the history of Waterford as Ireland’s Wine capital, and visit the oldest wine vault in Ireland in The Medieval Museum
Stroll along Coffee House Lane just behind Reginalds Tower where it is known that the first cup of coffee imported to this port was brewed and sold, or get in touch with the company that roasts its own beans still here in Waterford – also Coffee House Lane for a tour (Wednesday)
Visit the Walsh’s Bakehouse original shop on Mount Sion Avenue and buy a Blaa (Floury or Crusty?!), and plan to visit and tour the facility that makes them (Monday)
Then seek out the Metalman brewery – up the hills to meet the people to make their beers inspired by the many exciting flavours traded through our ports. Enjoy a tour and tasting of their beers and even try some Blaager!

To fill up along the way, do wander and enjoy visits to Momo and Bodega Restaurants. Always the freshest and in season local ingredients on menus of great variety, comfort and taste!

Stay over or enjoy tea in the Granville Hotel - the birthplace of Thomas Francis Meagher, the man responsible for the Irish National Flag. This building on the quays of Waterford dates back to the 1700's and has played a predominant role in Waterford's rich history.

Got more time? Got some transport?
Head out towards Dunmore East, stopping at our local treasure troves of Ardkeen Quality Food Stores to stock up and Grow HQ to see life a little differently – from the growing point of view. Pick up some tips, tools and lovely bites there too!
Head for Faithlegg  – beautifully restored 18th Century mansion on the banks of the Suir estuary, where Chef Jenny Flynn shares her local ethos to all their guest and visitors.
This part of Ireland’s Ancient East has lots of tales to tell!


Food - the lifeline of the Great Houses

Michael McGrath, the senior butcher of the family, McGraths Craft Butchers of Lismore have been rearing animals and selling their own meat for generations now
Meet Esther And Joe, baking bread for West Waterford as the Barron family have done for generations before

Ever want to meet the butchers and bakers that have served the Great Houses of the Blackwater for generations?

Choose from a range of great houses in the Great Garden Trail of Waterford
In particular consider visiting the beautiful gardens of Lismore Castle, Dromana House, Tourin House

Then call into McGraths Butchers in Lismore.   Here you will meet Michael or his son John.  Craft butchers who have been rearing animals, and supplying their own meat to the great houses for generations.  Here is an opportunity to step back in time and consider how the best cuts were (and still are!) chosen, weighed and sold.

After that follow the river along to the small town of Cappoquin, and you will find the quaint Barrons Bakery & Coffee House sitting on the square. Here you can enjoy a tour of Ireland's only Scotch Brick ovens (on a Tuesday afternoon, or by appointment), and enjoy some of the lovely breads, including Waterfords Blaa, or some confectionary, including some of the more forgotten recipes.  Chester cake or Treacle bread anyone?

All around the county

Enjoy local Waterford food & drink from our chefs and retailers.. not sure where to visit?  Find what you're looking for here